From: (Philip Elmer-DeWitt)
Subject: To "Friend of TIME"
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 06:11:09 -0500
Organization: Time Magazine

Dear Mr. Spam,

Thanks for calling Friday. It was nice to attach a voice to all that E-mail. One thing I forgot to ask you (besides your social security number): who or what is

From: (Jeff Schult)
Subject: Re: To "Friend of TIME"
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 11:04:41 GMT
Organization: LocalNet Corporation (Philip Elmer-DeWitt) wrote:

>Dear Mr. Spam,

>Thanks for calling Friday. It was nice to attach a voice to all that
>E-mail. One thing I forgot to ask you (besides your social security
>number): who or what is
Weeeooo ... li'l psychotic episode, guy? Too much nitrite in them weiners?

If we wanted to read your private mail, we'd download it ...

Jeff Schult
"Tales from the Bitstream"

From: (J.D. "Six FAQs!?" Falk)
Subject: Re: To "Friend of TIME"
Date: 17 Mar 1996 11:52:44 GMT
Organization: cyberNOTHING

In, alt.culture.usenet, and alt.culture.internet, Philip Elmer-DeWitt wrote...

> Dear Mr. Spam,
> Thanks for calling Friday. It was nice to attach a voice to all that
> E-mail. One thing I forgot to ask you (besides your social security
> number): who or what is

Okay, research time.

Script started on Sun Mar 17 06:29:11 1996
jdfalk@cais [Sun 6:29] 21 /cais/jdfalk>whois

MikroNet Comm (DISARRAY-DOM)
   9887 S. Spring Hill Ln.
   Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

   Domain Name: DISARRAY.COM

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Woodrich, Jason  (JW1282)  silicon@DISARRAY.COM

   Record last updated on 31-Jan-96.
   Record created on 31-Jan-96.

   Domain servers in listed order:


The InterNIC Registration Services Host contains ONLY Internet Information
(Networks, ASN's, Domains, and POC's).
Please use the whois server at for MILNET Information.
jdfalk@cais [Sun 6:29] 22 /cais/jdfalk>nslookup

Default Server:


*** No address (A) records available for
> set query=any
Address:	preference = 100, mail exchanger =	internet address =
> exit
jdfalk@cais [Sun 6:29] 23 /cais/jdfalk>exit

Script done on Sun Mar 17 06:29:44 1996

Looks like is a UUCP account, so that's about as far as I'm able to research without help from admins at the Colorado Supernet (unlike SMTP, in which one can gather more information, UUCP is batched, and is not real-time.)

This may turn out well for you, because the CSN admins may well have logs of UUCP transactions which would help you pinpoint whether is your malefactor.

However, I doubt that he/she/it actually is. In a DejaNews search, I came up with the address in two places:

] From: (Hideki Ikeda)
] Date: 1996/03/05
] MessageID:
] sender:
] organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 261-4700 guest)
] newsgroups: alt.hacker
] Although I was a victim myself from this bogus subscriber, it really
] made me chuckle ^_^  I just want to say to the person(s) who were
] responsible for this "Thanx!  I had a good laugh"  ^_-  The
] tops it all
] peace
] 'deki
] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
] From:   
] Sent:   Monday, March 04, 1996 08:04
] Subject:        Bogus subscribes to many mailing lists at Netcom
] Hi.  You are receiving this because you also run a mailing list at Netcom.
] Over the weekend, we have been hit by an idiot (or some idiots) who think
] that it is fun to subscribe people to many lists at Netcom.  Most of these
] only affect lists alphabetically thru moose-internal for some reason, but
] some seem to have hit many more.  Please check to see if any of these are
] subscribed to your list; you may want to remove them.  Please remove the
] "" ones for obvious reasons.
] BTW, I don't work for Netcom; I just run a bunch of lists here, and
] can easily tell when this garbage happens.  Normally I just post my
] findings in (and send a copy to abuse and netmail),
] but this list is so large I figured I had better let all the listowners
] know about it.
] If anyone has any idea who is doing this, please contact
] or  We all would like to see this crap stopped...
] ******
] ******
] ******
] vice-president 
] "70277.2502" <>
] "71511.460" <>
] "76326.126" <>
] "jason.peck" 
] "panther.modern" 
] aollegalstaff 
] articles 
] askjdan 
] baz 
] chris 
] conartistr 
] ddevette 
] emanual 
] gabriel 
] gene 
] georgia6 
] hanford 
] jcs 
] letters 
] markoff 
] mikenmaty 
] mtvyak1 
] ped 
] pfluger 
] please 
] rage 
] rchristensen 
] sermoner1 
] squirtmtv 
] --
] --
] .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~,
] | Hideki Ikeda                                                 .-------,   |
] | (personal e-mail)                        | place |   |
] | (work related e-mail)                | stamp |   |
] | (casual e-mail)                    | here  |   |
] | subscribe to:                                                ._______,   |
] |                     |
] |                |
] |                    |
] | by sending subscription e-mail to                    |
] |                                                                          |
] | "Mata kudaranai mono o kitte shimatta..." - Ishikawa Goemon              |
] | "Benkyou sasete itadakimasu!" - Ooe Kintaro                              |
] | "There are three kinds of people in this world...  One who can count,    |
] |  and one who can't." - Robert "ScumPuppy" Morgan                         |
] .__________________________________________________________________________.
] "The above represents my personal opinion and does not necessarily represent
] the opinion of my employer."  - This statement represents my company's
] opinion and does not necessarily represent my opinions...

The other was <4i3dbn$>, in which David Cassell replied to your posting of the article, asking if it was a troll.

An AltaVista search showed two articles from you -- one a reply in that same thread, and another a reposting of your article in bit.listserv. lstsrv-l. I was also able to determine that (the administrative contact for the domain) posted some questions to alt.bbs.renegade asking about getting the Renegade BBS software running on Windows 95. He also posted a newbieish question to alt.2600 recently, and replied to something in comp.os.unix.misc which I was unable to retreive.

There doesn't appear to be anybody else who posts to Usenet from hosts within

All of this research took me between ten and fifteen minutes. While it does not answer your question, a quick call to either Mr. Woodrich or the Colorado Supernet should shed more light on the actual identity of

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