The well-respected punk zine "Ten Things Jesus Wants You To Know" recently responded to a letter from a pro-censorship AOL user.

The AOL address was the last straw....

Dude, I think that putting JESUS and then a cuss word in like the same freaking page let alone the next sentence is dumb. it's not kewl man. I just recently became a Christian and it pisses me off to see how 'punx' or whatever treat Christians. we're people too. I thought 'punk' is a state of living doing what you wanna do, and not to judge others even if they do hate you, then you just keep away from them. well I guess that's it. I didn't mean to sound like a jerk if did, my bad. later man -Brandon (

Let's talk about dumb for a moment dude, since you brought it up. Dumb people don't capitalize the first letter of every sentence, dumb people write in complaining about what we call our zine again and again, dumb Christians don't even realize that the title of our zine comes from one of their dumb pamphlets (that we of course are making fun of), dumb people try to define punk for others, and most of all, dumb people get internet access through lame, anti-free speech, multi-national corporations like America Online.