This picture is from the New York Times' " Fear and Laptops on the Campaign Trail". Wonkette was photographed between two bewildered newspaper reporters - symbolizing the rise of new political blogs...
A 26-year-old girl breaks up with her boyfriend, and starts a blog about her sex life.

She's sleeping with six different guys, and getting paid by some of them. Oh, and she's also an intern for a Republican Senator.

It was just another day on the job for political gossip Wonkette. But when her trashy blog stumbled onto the sexy intern - eventually deducing the staffer's identity - she established her bonafides. After only five months of publishing, trendy Wonkette (a.k.a. Ana Marie Cox) began receiving invitations to appear on mainstream news shows. She brought her unique lusty critiques to MTV News, Fox News, and eventually to the National Press Club.

And the sexy intern? She landed a cushy book deal and appeared in Playboy - milking the curiosity for all it was worth.
"How did you get fired?" the bartender wanted to know.
"I wrote an X-rated blog," Jessica said.
The bartender looked puzzled.
"What's a blog?" he asked.
This story even has a happy ending. She eventually went bankrupt, then got married and settled down to a comfortable life that was far less dramatic than the tabloid-esque dramas that she left behind.