is best known for its expose of "Work from Home fliers and important questions of science like whether toast is more likely to land with its buttered side on the floor. But along with its wacky collection of curiosities, an original and unique voice evolved - a kind of reality-based web feature journalism mcthingamajiger. Or something...

A crossroads arrived. An eBay auctioner had linked to one of Rob's images. lovingly details his meticulous and thoughtful response - swapping an image into their auction which was much more intriguing. Later he discovered a knitting page had borrowed another of his images, giving it the caption "Is it hot in here or am I sitting on a knitting needle?" Another image switcheroo followed.

It was only a matter of time before this led him to a McDonalds drive-thru menu. The "baked apple pie" placard he inserted included a picture of an "American Pie" actor - who, when told that making love feels like apple pie, decides to -- er, and then his dad came home, and ultimately McDonald's wouldn't want him on their placards.

"The sign closest to my house remained up for months. Through February, March, and April. The lawn it was on had sprinklers..."

Say it all with me now. "Reality-based web feature journalism mcthingamajiger. Or something..."